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  • A Metaphysical Approach to Your Health and Prosperity: Harnessing the Power of Mind, Body and Community

    Join Lavinia and Naam Master Practitioners, Alyssa Gaustad and  Renata Spironello, to learn simple, effective techniques for fine-tuning your immune system, reducing inflammation, and optimizing your physical, mental and emotional health to free up the energy you need to create greater business and entrepreneurial success and take powerful advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

“When you want something to succeed, you have to lead with love.”


  1. Metaphysics is anything beyond physics.

  2. 3 tips to strengthen your immune system: 1.) Drink hot water 3x a day. It’s very good for your liver. 2.) Breathe. Inhale for 20 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, then exhale for 20 seconds. This will help strengthen your lungs. You can start with 5 seconds each and work your way up gradually to 20 seconds. 3.) Practice Sukshma Vyayama, the “Yoga of Immortality.”

  3. Commit to our health requires discipline. It is not a quick fix!

  4. You are not what you eat, you are what you release. Detoxing is essential!

  5. If you do not have your health, you have nothing. Money cannot buy health.

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