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  • Rituals for Re-Sets in Life, Work and Love

    Join Lavinia and noted Ritual Expert, Transformational Vision Coach and Motivational Speaker, Barbara Biziou, to learn how the power and practice of creative rituals can help you reset your mindset, your energy, your relationships and your finances. We’re all looking for better ways to transition into this next post-pandemic phase, and this show will offer some practical, ritual-based solutions to smooth the way. Please note Barbara will lead us in a prosperity ritual that will require you to have on hand some coins and a small dish or bowl.

“The biggest ritual for me right now is to be gentle to yourself.”



  1. Rituals help us to structure, anchor, recognize and mourn the past to change the way we see, feel & create our future.

  2. Rituals are the ultimate form of self care.

  3. Stop and take a breath before your answer an email, answer a call etc.

  4. Be proactive vs. reactive.

  5. Always dress for work— even if it's just on Zoom.

  6. Create symbols or cues to delineate the difference between work and play. Set intentions & boundaries.

  7. Imagine a shield around you when you talk to people. We have “mirror” neurons in our brains the can make us take on the energy of others.

  8. Rituals have to do with the heart not the head. The heart is a transpersonal place.


Letting Go Rituals (Link)
Every day we are confronted with situations that have the potential to negatively stir up our emotions and hijack our thoughts. In fact, our emotional brain can hijack our rational brain in the blink of an eye. We cannot control what emotions or circumstances we will experience next, but we can choose how we will respond to them.

The Success Jar (Link)
Success creates success—so build on it! When you’ve just won the race, it’s easy to feel motivated about almost anything. Emotions tend not to be situation specific, so a small win—whether it is a compliment from a colleague or finishing two thirds of your tasks before noon—can turn you into a juggernaut. There are many ways you can build on small successes earlier on in order to amplify the motivation that you’ll want to tap into later. This is one way to teach the brain that you set an intention and then completed it: success!

Create a special work area in your home. It could be as simple as clearing off your desk or table, putting up a screen to separate your work area from the rest of your home or having a small “work altar” next to your computer. Some people like to light a candle before starting work and blow it out when the work day is over. Have some aromatherapy nearby— citrus scents boost your immune system and lavender helps calm you down.

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