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  • The Metabolic Pivot – Weight Loss For Right Now!

    Join Lavinia and renown Weight Loss Coach, Registered Dietician, Author, and Founder of the Art of Health Coaching, Barbara Crosby, to learn how to reset your metabolism, reframe your mindset, and understand the secrets to sustainable weight loss and the journey to better health, greater energy and a new you. Barbara will also talk about her work “coaching the coaches,” through her Art of Health Coaching website and online educational program for health and life coaches.

“You must have a plan and discipline to succeed.”



  1. Pick the days you’re going to exercise. Try 3-4 days for 40-45 minutes a day.

  2. You have to plan what you’re going to eat, what you need to shop for and when you’re going to shop.

  3. Water raises your basal metabolic rate by 30%.

  4. Kale has as much protein as a chicken cutlet.

  5. You have to be accountable and journal what you eat— it makes you in control and feel powerful.

  6. Food is 80% of weight loss success.

  7. Eat clean, feel great. When you feel great, you look great and do great.


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