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  • Home, Gym & the New Technology: Making the Most of the Hybrid Fitness Model

    Join Lavinia and Fitness Entrepreneur, Top Trainer, and All-Around Amazing Athlete, Devon Levesque, for an update on how technology is revolutionizing our workouts and the benefits of the new post-covid hybrid fitness phenomenon. Learn why working out at both home and the gym, and using new fitness apps to guide you, may be the best way to leverage your workout time and create even more possibilities for a healthier and longer life. 

“I’m so comfortable with my body. I know what I’m capable and I know what I’m not.”



  1. People need to understand their bodies and not put themselves in a position where they can get hurt.

  2. You’re not having to get ready before work anymore and you’re not having to travel to and from work. You have so much more time during the day to focus on yourself. So how are you focusing on yourself?

  3. You can’t have an athlete’s body if you work out only an hour a day. You have to stretch, you have to move, you have to bring wellness into your entire routine.

  4. It takes 60 days to develop a new habit.

  5. Tips for how to improve your health: Train barefoot, do EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workouts, figure out what equipment works best for you, and do a balance of strength and cardio.

  6. The 33% Formula is the best way to keep fit and healthy (33 % stretching + 33% cardio + 30% strength training)

  7. It’s not just about going all out at the gym, it’s also about recovery, and the best way to recover is through deep REM sleep.


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