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  • Leadership and Responsibility in the Virtual Office: How Covid has Changed How We Work Now

    Join Lavinia and the SH Hotels & Resorts Vice President of Marketing, Donna Rodriguez and Director of Marketing, Jackie Schwartz, for an updated and honest look at how working virtually has changed office dynamics and demanded a different leadership style and new responsibilities, as well as unexpected opportunities, for all. And learn how you can better prepare yourself to be hired and succeed in the new online work environment.

“Confidence and trust is only earned by consistency.”



  1. It’s important to give your team space every morning for self-care.

  2. Trust is essential. You have to trust that the person you hired embodies the values and is doing the work.

  3. Being in nature is important for creativity. It lends texture and encourages ideas and productivity.

  4. Real leadership is evidenced in adversity.

  5. As a leader, you have to listen. You have to pay close attention to your team and shifting energies. You have to encourage vulnerability, openness and transparency.

  6. The ability to adapt and change is a superpower.

  7. Look differently at people and their skill sets. Appreciate what people bring to the table.


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