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  • Self-Advocacy in Health Care: How to Access the Information You Need to Make Good Decisions About the Covid Vaccine and Your Healthcare Now and in the Future

    Join Lavinia and noted wellness, nutrition, fitness, and longevity expert, speaker, and life coach, Doug Caporrino, for an eye-opening discussion about current medical research on what we know and don’t know about the Covid-19 Vaccine and the new science of mRNA vaccines, how to make an informed vaccine decision, the difference between the various vaccines available, ways to boost your natural immunity to avoid getting the Covid virus, and how to recover quickly if you do get infected. You do not want to miss this important and potentially life-saving conversation!


  1. The main difference between vaccines Moderna and J & J vaccines are: Moderna is a mRNA vaccine or genetic material, which is injected into cells, directing the body to create a tiny amount of coronavirus spike proteins. The body’s immune system responds by making antibodies to the proteins, which protect the person if they’re exposed to COVID-19 down the road. This type of messenger RNA vaccine has never been approved for humans. We do not know if mast cells will work for you or against you in the immune system.

  2. J & J vaccine - A gene for the coronavirus’ spike proteins is attached to a virus for the common cold that has already been “disabled,” so it can’t infect the person. The harmless cold virus acts like a delivery service, dropping the spike-protein gene into the body and prompting the development of a tiny amount of COVID-19 spike proteins, which trigger antibodies. This is what’s known as a viral vector vaccine.

  3. Ask what the Adjuvants are in the vaccines before getting them.

  4. Few Older adults (above 65) Latinos, Blacks and Native Indians have been enrolled in the clinical studies.

  5. Few if any, immune compromised, past cancer patients, pregnant women and children, have been enrolled in the clinical studies.

  6. No long term studies have been done.

  7. No studies on humans have been done to see if they will work on protecting against the new variant strains.

  8. Boost your own immune system with D3/K2, liposomal vitamin C and zinc picolinate.

  9. If you are battling many underlying conditions and feel safer getting the vaccine monitor your health and any changes for at least the first 2 weeks after getting the shot.

  10. Use wheat grass juice or any other dense green juice to help the body detox from any adjuvants in the vaccines.

  11. Get tested for Micronutrient deficiencies so you can have a blueprint for your health moving forward.

  12. Astra Zeneca don't recommend their vaccine to people older than 65 for lack of data.

  13. CDC came out saying there is a lack of data for pregnant women getting the vaccine and recommended against it.


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