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  • Vaccine Talk Part Two: Watch, Wait & Learn 

    Join Lavinia and functional medicine expert and author of Into The Heart of Health, Dr. Evelyn Leone, to learn how you can “pre-game” for your Covid vaccine, ways to strengthen your immune system while you wait for a vaccine, and how to maintain optimal health and balance through nutrition, supplements, mindfulness and stress reduction during the pandemic and beyond.

“We have to breathe louder than our thoughts.”



  1. A stronger immune system helps our body repel and ultimately fight all diseases— it prevents our “killer” cells from attacking our own healthy cells.

  2. Some ways to boost your immune system: Calming the mind, taking supplements (See list under 'Additional Resources' below), lowering our stress, and eating dense nutrition.

  3. Stress leads to high cortisol levels, which is debilitating to our immune system.

  4. Vitamin D is essential to fight and even recover from COVID19 if contracted.

  5. Deficiencies show up so many ways— skin, hair, nails, gut, energy, sleep, sex drive, etc.

  6. A body with a high PH level is a healthier body and is more resilient to disease. A lower PH level is more inflamed, which invites disease and lowers our immune system.

  7. Deep, intense breathing aids the circulation of blood flow, which encourages the binding of oxygen to our cells. Breathing deeply regenerates fresh cells.

  8. Fear creates stress, which affects the liver and raises cortisol levels.


“Into the Heart of Health” by Dr. Evelyn Leone (Launches Feb 11)

Healthy Hot Toddy Recipe
1. Use a pinch of these in powder form: Clove, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, Pepper
2. Mix in 1/8 cup of hot water 

5 Recommended immune supplements: 
C BioFizz Vitamin C 1 scoop every morning
Vitamin D synergy 2000 IU 1 cap daily as maintenance dose 
Zinc Supreme 25 mg 1 cap daily
Liposomal Glutathione spray 2 pumps daily
Immunitone Plus 4 caps daily

Purchase supplements here: Designs for Health supplements
20% off your first order using code FIRST20NOW
10% off subsequent orders using code HEALTHY10

Dr. Evelyne’s Breathing Program

Visit for more information.

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