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  • Help is Here: Functional Medicine Hacks for Stress Relief and Balanced Health Right Now!

    Join Lavinia and author, founder of the Institute of Conscious Health, and renowned functional medicine, anti-aging and brain health practitioner, Dr. Evelyne Leone, for some immediate, hands-on guidance to help you manage the stress and anxiety so many of us are feeling right now, and get your physical, mental and emotional health in balance for the coming season. Learn how the discipline of functional medicine can teach you to become less REactive and more PROactive about maintaining optimal immune and overall health.

“Breathing is the basis of who we are.”



  1. Stress can cause illnesses. Worry is a mental toxin that becomes a physical issue.

  2. In our society, we breathe too fast and not deep enough. You will feel more present when you adopt a breathing practice.

  3. Alternate nostril breathing balances the 2 sides of the brain with rhythm. To practice alternate nostril breathing: 1. Lift your right hand up toward your nose 2. Exhale completely and then use your right thumb to close your right nostril 3. Inhale through your left nostril and then close the left nostril with your fingers 4. Open the right nostril and exhale through this side 5. Inhale through the right nostril and then close this nostril 6. Open the left nostril and exhale through the left side. 7. Continue this cycle for up to 5 minutes.

  4. Functional medicine takes a look at the person as a whole and addresses the root cause. Each patient is dealt with uniquely rather than using protocols.

  5. The older we get, the less our bodies can absorb nutrients so we have to take more targeted supplements.

  6. Where people are in their minds, tells us where they are in their body.

  7. Things people can do to help manage their stress and immune system: 1. Calm nervous system with relaxing supplements like magnesium 2. Support adrenals with herbs like ashwagandha and ginseng 3. Boost immune system with vitamin D or zinc 4. Breath deeply to boost mood and feel better 5. Exercise to circulate blood in our body

  8. Serotonin is mainly produced in the gut. When we breath, we are expanding our solar plexus, which helps release serotonin.

  9. Stress induced heart attacks are increasing, even in young people.

  10. When we’re asleep is when we burn most calories. So if we don’t sleep well, the body sends a signal to our bodies to retain the calories.


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