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  • Meditation: A Path to Joy, A Call to Action, and The Key to a Better Future

    Join Lavinia and former broadway actress, in-demand motivational speaker, founder of Ziva Meditation and ZivaOnline, and best-selling author (Stress Less, Accomplish More) and teacher extraordinaire, Emily Fletcher, for a deep, meaningful dive into the story of how Emily pivoted at mid-career to find her true passion and successful entrepreneurial path, and learn why she believes meditation is the most powerful tool we have to change our lives, raise our state of consciousness, help our children become more resilient, and create a better world for all.

“When you invest your time in something, it invests in you back.”



  1. Vedas is a human interpretation of natural law.

  2. Making a decision out of ego is exhausting. If nature is guiding you, you feel recharged.

  3. We are all one thing and that is energy.

  4. We have bags of needs looking to be fulfilled. Once you start meditating you become fulfillment looking for need.

  5. The key to being a great entrepreneur is to ask yourself how your unique set of abilities can serve the situation.

  6. If your hobby is so sacred to you and you don’t want to spend 80% of the time leading with the numbers of it, maybe it should remain a hobby and not a business.

  7. The more you are willing to step into the unknown, the more you are open to nature using you as a vessel.

  8. Ziva Mediation is all about getting rid of stress from the past. It wrings you out on a cellular level. It’s not a quick fix.

  9. Ziva Meditation gives your body 5x more rest than sleep.

  10. Happiness exists within us and it exists now. You need to meditate to help you access it.


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Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance by Emily Fletcher

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