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  • Following The Light: How One Entrepreneur is Pivoting and Adapting to the Post Pandemic Market

    Join Lavinia and Health/Beauty Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Malbon Golf and the NOW Massage, Erica Malbon, for a fresh take on how entrepreneurs are pivoting and adapting to market realities and turning pandemic challenges into business opportunities.

“COVID required us to think differently. How to bring people together digitally was vital to our survival as a business.”



  1. More than ever, people want to stay healthy. Affordable accessibility is key.

  2. Integrated wellness is the practical approach— when western meets holistic.

  3. We have to take the responsibility for our own health. Awareness and consciousness is our responsibility.

  4. Our outlook affects everything. Our decision to vibrate high is choice.

  5. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must: be a solution to a problem, persevere through the tough times, make sure you’re having fun and passionate about what you’re doing, and collaborate with people around you that have different skill sets.

  6. It all starts with a simple idea and putting it into action. You’ll never know where inspiration is going to come from.

  7. Sometimes to change your life you have to take a different path than what you're traditionally used to.


For more information, follow Erica Malbon or Malbon Golf on Instagram or visit Malbon Golf’s online store.

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