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  • The Wiser Pivot: What Bold, Heart-Centered Leadership Looks Like!

    Join Lavinia for a conversation about what real leadership looks like with skincare entrepreneur and Colorescience CEO, Mary Fisher. Learn how Mary and her team met the pandemic challenge and created new opportunities for their leading science-based skincare brand (loved and used by Lavinia) by building a strong and flexible work culture for the company’s home-based, mostly female workforce, and using technology to create better synergy with channel partners and learn more about the needs and wants of their customers. If you are interested in entrepreneurial brand-building and how leadership can change workplace culture, you won’t want to miss this episode!

“Be the brand that cares more.”



  1. As a leader of a team, it is critical to listen.

  2. Have one or several mentors— it can be really powerful.

  3. Be passionate about your purpose.

  4. Have courage in your instincts.

  5. Be a learner. You can only adapt quickly if you listen and learn.

  6. Manage risks and take them.

  7. Do good, have fun and make a difference.


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