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  • Cracking the Code: How a Young Entrepreneur Built his Toolkit for Success

    Join Lavinia and young entrepreneur extraordinaire, Thomas Ma, Co-Founder of Sapphire, a global content creation agency, to learn how his company disrupted traditional marketing paradigms, and how he built a powerful entrepreneurial toolkit by harnessing the power of spiritual practices, finding the right mentors, and learning how to choose his customers and collaborators wisely and with intention.

“Don’t fall in love with one idea for too long. Always be open minded to new ways and new people because you never know where it can lead you.”



  1. You don’t have to be over prepare if you like what you do.

  2. Everything I learned, I learned from doing.

  3. A big part of success is having a lot of good mentors.

  4. If you can take care of your head, the rest can take are of itself.

  5. Stop thinking about things beyond your control. Appreciate every moment and be present.

  6. Giving brings a lot more joy than your own success.

  7. 3 essential tips to become a successful entrepreneur: 1.) Make sure you know your WHY. 2.) Spend a lot of time talking to people you admire and 3.) Enjoy every moment and have fun — you will struggle, you just have to be ok with that.


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