Lavinia Errico Likes...

Lavinia is the definition of a true #girlboss living a balanced life. As a motivational speaker in the areas of fi...

It’s All About You: These 3 Entrepreneurs Share Their Self-Care Epiphanies

Long hours, even doing something you love, means a lot less time for self care. And while the “mindful revolution” ...

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Q&A with Expert Patricia Moreno

With her intenSati method, Patricia Moreno, a fitness, wellness and inspiration leader, created a totally new space...

Healthy Habits: Small Changes for Huge Impact

Going from Paleo to vegan may be too drastic a change for you—or anyone, for that matter.

Real Healing: Come Heal Your Mind, Body, Energy & Spirit!

Please join Sound healer Guy Douglas and Meredith Sloane for a night of group healing focused on the Sacral chakra.

Master Your Monday

Instead of just making it through Monday, master your Monday! Although it’s just one day of the week, it’s one of the...

Sonage Skin Care: The Beauty of Balance

Lately, it seems like balance is the new busy. It’s certainly a theme that resonates with the Sonäge team, a goal t...

The Pull of Oil Pulling

I wanted to try it, especially after reading the stories about the bacteria in your mouth that travel to your brain ...

Get the Emotional Gunk Out

With the Holidays underway and the New Year just around the corner, I want to share with everyone a tool that has...

How Your Gut and Brain Connect

Lavinia Errico asks nutritionist Susan Ramsey about what to eat to keep your brain healthy.
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