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The Experts

It's true what they say, it really does take a village. Here you'll find a list of my friends and experts that have helped me in my journey and I believe they can help you in yours too. I'll be updating this list regulary.

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    Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

    Spiritual Leader & Founder of NAAM

    Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is an author, composer, producer of sacred music and international lecturer, whose universal message brings together the spiritual healing traditions of the East and West.

    An engineer by training, Dr. Levry earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degree of Science in Industrial Engineering and also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Science.

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  • for the soul

    Barbara Biziou

    Transormational Vision Coach

    As a transformational vision coach, spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker, Barbara inspires your growth and positive change.

    Blending ancient spiritual rituals with emotional intelligence and strategic communication skills, Barbara instructs, empowers and motivates her clients to achieve higher levels of meaningful success.

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  • for the mind

    Heather Hayward

    Immersive Experience Leader

    Immersive Experience Leader, Heather Hayward, uses simple - not always easy, bu tstraightforward - tools to enable clients to gain clarity, move beyond fear and confusion to experience freedom, creativity and calm confidence

    Link to 'Ask An Expert: Heather Hayward'

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