Hello, I’m Lavinia Errico and welcome to my website, Inside/Out Movement.
I am the founder of Equinox Fitness clubs and a passionate advocate and advisor for healthier, more fulfilled, more balanced, and more joyful lives. I’m all about helping others achieve the same things, by encouraging people to explore how they can make shifts in their own awareness. 

We all have our blind spots, and I know in my own life I have benefited from those teachers who helped me examine mine and inspired me to find my own truth and own it.  Let’s make this journey together so you can find your joy, learn how to eat well, incorporate movement and fitness into your daily life, speak your truth, and strengthen and deepen you relationships with your self and with others.  If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it will be even better than you can imagine! 

By nature, I have always been a seeker.  My journey through health and fitness mirrors many of my clients’ own personal stories.  For years I struggled with my weight and tried every new diet, from Atkins to Master Cleanse.  My first love, dance, led to a lifelong commitment to exercise and fitness.  But like so many of you, it took me years to understand what my body really needed.  As a pioneer in the fitness industry, I had access to every new program, class, and machine, and I pushed myself physically to extremes, suffering countless avoidable injuries in the process.  

Despite great success in my industry, a high social profile and the financial rewards that many people dream of, I never thought I was thin enough or fit enough, suffered from anxiety and fears, and constantly struggled for inner peace and balance in my life.  My life looked golden on the outside, but on the inside it was a very different story.  I knew I had to change things, and I did, with hard work and lots of help from some wonderful guides and mentors whom I have invited to join me on Inside/Out.  




It is only now, in my fifth decade, that I have finally achieved the inner peace, balance, and authentic voice that eluded me for so long.  And, along with that balance, sense of freedom, and liberation from fears, I got an unexpected bonus. I now have the best body, inside and out, that I have ever had!  I may not look like what I did 25 years ago, but I feel more beautiful today even with my hard-earned imperfections.  For me, it is no longer about the food or the diet, but about how I want to feel every day.  My life is rich with health, love, and community, but it took hard work and it was a process.  I created Inside/Out because I want so much to share everything I have learned with you.  Believe me, you can change your life.  I know, because I did it, and you can, too.

Welcome to Inside/Out.  Enjoy the journey, embrace the process, you will see, feel and live the results.



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