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What makes Lavinia Errico a different kind of speaker?

Unline other speakers, Lavinia has done it all. She has successfully created and critically examined the American Dream. A self-made business leader and entrepreneur, in her 20s and 30s Lavinia conceived of and built a leading Fitness Company and Culture that changed the way Americans think about health and wellness. She became the quintessential "It Girl," and at the peak of her success she sold Equinox for millions and was instantaneously wealthy beyond her needs and dreams. Ironically, at the apex of the proverbial American Dream, Lavinia realized that somewhere along the way she had lost the things that were most important to her essential self and identity. Despite multiple offers to immediately jump back into business and create even greater wealth and material success, Lavinia had the courage to embark on a completely different path - a journey to rebuild her identity from the inside out and to find a better way to live a more authentic, values-grounded life. She sought and found answers to the vital questions: How do you stay present to your soul in a competitive work environment? How do you remain aligned with your true self and avoid becoming completely absorbed by money, greet and social accolades? How do you choose throughfully and powerfully in your life and career, and not from fear of failure? How do you reach for the stars in business while remaining grounded in your humanity? When is enough money truly enough? Lavinia has these answers because she's lived this journey, and she is absolutely brilliant at sharing her experiences and insights with others.

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Signature Talks

Confessions of a Spiritual Entrepreneur

We all dream of “having it all.” But in today’s world, what does having it all really look like? Spiritual Entrepreneur Lavinia Errico will take you on a journey to discover your own path to success at work and authentic happiness and fulfillment in life.

The Joy in the Journey: Finding Your Lane

How do you know if you have chosen the right career or life path? How do you discover what you were truly meant to achieve in this world, and develop the skills, grit and know-how to rise to the top at work while remaining open to joy and love in your life? Entrepreneur Lavinia Errico will help you answers these question and understand what it really takes to break-through and find your success in and out of the office.

Bad Habits Life Hack: Breaking Free from Damaging Habits and Embracing Success

This talk/workshop helps managers and employees discover their blind spots and learn to recognize destructive workplace habits. Lavinia’s unique, guided approach will help you master the tools and techniques to create new patterns of behavior and dramatically improve office productivity and jumpstart positive changes in career, health, relationships and life.

It's Not Your Money or Your Life - It's Your Money and Your Life

We all want to achieve success and grab that gold ring, but how do you reach the pinnacle of your career and still stay true to your soul and your values? Spiritual Entrepreneur Lavinia Errico will help you understand how to use those very same values to make buckets of money and still live an authentic, purpose-driven life, one that will inspire others to do the same.

Other Speech Topics

  • Values and Entrepreneurship
  • Next Generation Leadership
  • Culture Shift: The Women Led Workplace
  • Spirituality In and Out of the Office
  • Finding Your Lane: A Love Story
  • Habits of Success in the Workplace
  • Joy in the Hustle
  • Keeping the Soul in Success
  • Creativity, Clarity and Grit: The Sacred Triangle of Success
  • Keeping it Real: Active Mediation Throughout the Work Day
  • Revenue and the Customer Experience: Finding the Sweet Spot
  • Today ’s Employees and the Values-Driven Workplace
  • Secrets to Creating Bottom Line/ Mission-Focused Employees
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